Sunday, August 7, 2016

For Eve

Publish last year on International Women's Day -

For Eve
To the little girl who dreams of castles and knights,
Dream, but also learn to ride your own horse
And build your own palace
To the girl who watches her mother dressing up
Try out her lipstick, but also her grace
Her sari is not as beautiful as the patience she wears
Her shoes will always be too big to be filled
To the mother whose little girl is always watching
Remember, she’s always watching
Empower her, raise her, and never belittle her dreams
Or let her think that your little boy means more
To the mother who is ‘only a mother’
You nurture the future; a task beyond human strength
You earn everyday – not money, but merit
To the empowered career woman
Celebrate your independence
But never belittle the woman who stays home
For she has done what you have not
To the teenager testing her wings in the world
Proceed cautiously, learn to say no
Pursue your passions, but not at the expense of your soul
To the woman who loves to flaunt
Let them behold your splendid body
But never scoff at the woman who chooses
to cover hers out of reverence
To the woman who wants to change her body
You are already perfect
The only thing you lack is self-love
To the woman who embraces every joy in life
May you be infectious in spreading your light
To the woman who suffers in silence,
Turn to the woman who will be your voice
For we are sisters
A shining web of strength
that breaks only when we break each other
This is my prayer
For the woman I see every day
For the woman I have yet to meet
For the woman I may never meet
May you be confident in the knowledge that
Within you is the power to change the world.
- Shanuki

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