Tuesday, November 13, 2007


Wahh... badly want a car.... (ooh looky that rhymed.)

Leaving my previous office meant returning my company vehicle to them, so I am now suffering the general populace's ire at having to take taxis to wherever I want to go. I won't do buses coz there's a long story behind my phobia that warrants a whole new blog, so I'm currently forking out cash on a daily basis on trishaws and cabs to get to office, around and back home.

It sucks!

Pardon me for sounding like a spoilt bitch, but after having driven myself around for one year, the inconvenience levels have risen drastically at the absence of my own vehicle. It's not only about the convenience factor either... driving was my one claim to independance - to go wherever I please whenever I please, and to feel powerful and in charge for that brief travelling period. When YOU'RE a semi-subjugated Sri Lankan female, you'll understand what I mean.

And so, I really, really, really, badly need and want a vehicle of my own. The new office has been nice enough to grant me a vehicle allowance that will help towards investing in my own wheels, so these days I've fervently seeking my baby. I refuse to buy a 'suitable' car; by which I mean a gender-appropriate Swift, Maruti or Starlet. For whatever goddamn reason, people I speak to about my want for a car automatically presume I'm looking for a little bug-like one, just because I'm a lady driver, and that, let me tell you, gets my GOAT. There is no way in hell I'm gonna be a Tweety's Grandma and chug away in a tin egg. No siree... this feminist wants an SUV. (Ideally a Hummer, but both the price and the steering wheel are well beyond my reach.)

I'm all too used to seeing eyebrows shooting up in curious amusement everytime I tell someone I'm looking for a 4-wheel drive. Nobody understands what I, Ms. Tiny Loudmouth, would want with a jeep, but I've been dreaming of driving one for so long, that no amount of bubble-bursting will sway my search. There's something POWERFUL about driving a 4X4, y'know? You don't get walked all over by them buses and vans, like the way you do when you drive a small car. ESPECIALLY when you're female. To me, an SUV is a power symbol, and proof to myself that I've made it. I can do so many things with it, without worrying about undercarriage or tyre damage. My dreams of off-road thrills are that much closer.

The problem, however, is the constantly-increasing price factor. With the new budget coming into force, even second-hand vehicles are going up in price, all because of some greedy lame-asses in parliament. The vehicle of my dreams is moving further and further away from my grasp, and it's so depressing. Just last week I thought I found a baby for myself (test drove and fell in love with a cute recon Cami) , only to have my plans thwarted by the bank, who said the interest rates had gone up and increased the installments to an impossible amount. Since then, I've been looking around, but haven't found one within my budget. The ones I HAVE found that are price compatible, are in crap condition, and will not help me in anyway.

Gah. This car-shopping business is such a pain.

If you know anyone selling a 4 wheel drive for a reasonable price, please do let me know. I promise I'll give you a free ride.


Thé Doc said...

No more comments from me on this.

Good luck on the search, i'm sure you'll get what you're looking for in life.

Azrael said...

4X4's totally rock. I Hummer would be ideal, but I'll even settle for a Landy Defender...

Unfortunately I can even afford broken down Maruti at the moment...sigh

Oh well back clinging on to buses.

Good luck with the hunting.

Jack Point said...

The Pajero IO used to go second-hand for abt Rs.2m, not sure of the prices now but check.

Call United Motors and see if they have any that they have got on a trade-in basis (ask for registered vehicles)

Do the same with Central Finance, Mercantile Investments, LOLC and other major leasing firms, you may be lucky.

The Honda HRV was abt the same price, uglier vehicle (and not really 4x4) but very economical to run and lots of power.

David Blacker said...

Believe me, Hissy, you're not gonna get any respect in a Cami! It's as bad as a Rav4. REAL suvs are ex-military -- Defenders, Range Rovers, Land Cruisers, Hummers, etc. Lol.

T said...

SUV= god awful for the environment. what happened to you being green? :)

Lady divine said...

Hey DramaQueen!!! Your taste in vehicles seems to be a lot like mine.. and i'm sort of on the lookout too.. If i can get something for a good deal..and convince mummy dearest, then I'm through..
Lets set dates for vehicle hunting..:-D

shehal said...

i had a maruti -> it did 15km/liter in colombo
ideal car to go green
but then i was too heavy for it
yeah the car weight 650kg and i weighed 100kg
and when i move from side to side i could feel the car swing so it didnt work out...
i also had numerous argument with the wheel balancing guy about aligning the wheels with me in it 'cos the additional mass on the right front wheel tilts vehicle slightly... mass eccentricities in a vehicle obviously matters in suspension tuning... anyways... thats not my point...

its a good car... very economical... but then again its small... hmmm...

a friend of mine has a pajero io... two door... its feels smaller than the maruti... as in... the maruti is more spacious... and it does like 8km/liter -> not very fuel economical

you know what...
get a bicycle...